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Becoming a member of CIDLeS is very easy: just complete the form below. Through your membership you are not only supporting and promoting projects on language diversity but also allowing students, researchers and community members to get special training and further their work on endangered / minority languages. The annual membership fee is 30 Euros, to be paid by bank transfer or PayPal / Credit Card (no PayPal account needed for credit card payment!). You will receive the payment details after you have submitted your application. The membership is automatically renewed every year, but only if you pay the membership fee. You will receive a reminder for annual payment via e-mail.

Advantages of being a member

As a member of CIDLeS you are encouraged to participate in our annual general assembly in Minde (Portugal) or via Skype. All members receive an invitation for the assembly and have the right to vote and apply for the social organs of CIDLeS, as defined in our statutes. All members receive our monthly newsletter which not only presents our projects and activities but also discusses issues related to language documentation, endangered languages and language technologies for lesser-used languages. As a member you are encouraged to send your own articles on the topics mentioned above for the newsletter. You also get special prices in the events organized by the centre and in all CIDLeS' products available at our store.

Application Form

Please complete the following form to become a member of CIDLeS. Fields that must be completed are marked with an asterisk (*).

Membership fee payment

You can pay or renew your membership fee by PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. For PayPal and credit card just checkout using the link below. You can choose to pay the fee for one, two or three years.

PayPal / Credit Card

No PayPal account is needed if you want to pay your membership fee with a credit card. For that just click on “Debit card or Credit Card”.

CIDLeS Membership

Bank Transfer

Bank: Caixa de Crédito Agrícola
Bank address: Rua Brigadeiro Lino Valente, 2380-608 Serra de Santo António, Portugal
Account holder: CIDLeS
NIB: 004552424023949853259
IBAN: PT50004552424023949853259

Thanks again for your support!