[Photographer: AigiBoga]


Grampoder is a Galician band whose members are Le Roi and Martin Wu, former elements of bands such as The Homens, Stay Pretty or Fame Neghra. They play portable rock, rustic pop, psychedelic folk, acoustic punk, flower-eating hardcore. Their whole equipment fits in a Seat Ibiza and they say they can both play at the Carnegie Hall or at an apartment’s hallway. In fact, in their short career they had performed in bars, restaurants, beach ‘chiringuitos’, contemporary art museums, record stores, sheds and living rooms. That’s the concept: playing good music with melody, energy and commitment and adapt it to any scenario.

Its debut album Golf Whiskey was recorded in A Ponte studios (Santiago de Compostela) in February 2013 by Tomás Ageitos and eleased by the cooperative label Discos da Máquina. The album includes twelve songs with psychedelic, folk andtropical influences with angry and disillusioned words. It can be obtained in shops or downloaded on the band’s website,