[Photographer: Juan Boado (juanboado.com)]


Enkore is a young rock band that started in the year 2009 in the neighborhood of
Rekalde (Bilbao). They self-released two EPs (Multiplo Komunetako Txikiena, Zatitzaile
Komunetako Handiena) and a single (Zer Garen). In 2012 they recorded their first
LP Faktore Komunak through Baga-Biga Records.

The band have released 3 singles of their new album (“Dantzan, Dantzan”, “Gure
Ereserkia”, “Muxurik Muxu”), reaching Number 1 in Gaztea Radio (Basque Public Radio).

“Enkore represents a new generation of musicians that share for the first time the
melodic charm and own rythms of the California brew hardcore born in the 80’s. Enkore
means straight songs, catchy choruses and intense voice-work. They go back to the
melodic-hardcore with inspiration, freshness and great gift to blend speed, rock and
harmonies.” (Gaztea)

In 2011 they won the jury prize at the XX Gaztea Maketa Lehiaketa and have earned
recognition in other relevant contests such as Gaztea Maketa Lehiaketa 2010, Bilboko
talde berrien lehiaketa, Bizkaia TV contest, Banden Lehia 2010, Barakaldo Pop-Rock
2010 National Contest, Leioa Pop-Rock 2011…

In 2012 they where chosen to represent Euskal Herria and their language at the Liet
International Festival in Xixón (Asturias, Spain).

During their 4-year career they have achieved a position in the Basque rock scene, with
nearly 90 shows on their backs.


Xabi Hoo – Voice and Guitar
Urtzi Iza – Guitar
Aitor Gallastegui – Bass
Alvaro Olaetxea – Drums