Internship at CIDLeS

From July 30th until the beginning of September Anna Küthe, a student of Empirical Linguistics at the University of Kiel, did an internship at CIDLeS. During six weeks of internship, Anna had the oportunity to work on the Minderico dictionary project, mainly on phonetic transcriptions, and to learn more about Python and Poio API and how it can be used for corpus linguistic purposes. She also attended the summer school CDLD 2014 (“Community-Driven Language Documentation”) organized by CIDLeS in August.

Anna also got experience in the organization of scientific events, since she was directly involved in the organization of the summer school CLC 2014 (“Coding for Language Communities”). Thanks Anna for your motivation and willingness!

If you are intersted in doing an internship at CIDLeS, please contact Vera Ferreira (

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