Spanish-Portuguese border: language documentation and bibliography

On October 2nd, the working team of the project Spanish-Portuguese border: language documentation and bibliography had its first meeting at the University of Alcalá in Alcalá de Henares (Spain) to discuss theoretical, technical and methodological issues related to the project. The team is composed of Xosé Afonso Álvarez Pérez (PI, Universidad de Alcalá), Juan María Carrasco González (Universidad de Extremadura), José Antonio González Salgado (Centro de Estudos de Arqueologia, Artes e Ciências do Património, Universidade de Coimbra), María Victoria Navas Sánchez-Élez (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Fernando Jorge Costa Brissos (Centro de Linguística da Universidade de Lisboa), García Sánchez Jairo Javier (Universidad de Alcalá) and Vera Ferreira (CIDLeS).

Spanish-Portuguese border: language documentation and bibliography aims at a comprehensive linguistic documentation of the frontier strip between Spain and Portugal. From the Treaty of Zamora (1143) until the Treaty of Schengen, the Spanish-Portuguese border has become a meeting point of languages – whose limits are unclear and do not correspond precisely with the political border – and people who cross the borderline continuously. Therefore, this space is a privileged place to undertake research on linguistic borders, language contact, speakers’ attitudes and perceptions, linguistic landscape, among many others. Besides, the expansion of standard languages decreases the strength of the dialectal identity of this zone, so its linguistic documentation and the collection of information about this territory represent an important step for further research.

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