Toibi 4.7


“Toibi 4.7” started in July 2011 when their first music video for the song “I mog di” aired on Youtube. A fun and colorful clip that introduced Tobi and Zoze to the world. Although it all started as Tobi’s solo project, the popularity of the “Bavarian College Punk” soon skyrocketed.

And so lead guitar player and singer Tobi recruited drummer Zoze, second guitar player Bene and bassist Christian to join the project.

The band started working and writing songs in February 2012.

Toibi 4.7 sure quit fooling around in 2013 though! They’re going to play their first show on October 4th to prepare for a big rockshow in Portugal!


Tobi – Voice and Guitar
Zoze – Drums
Bene – Guitar
Christian – Bass