Minderico Map

Interactive map of Minde

The “Interactive map of Minde” is a multimedia, interactive, trilingual (Minderico, Portuguese and English) map of Minde, which has Minderico in foreground and combines information in the form of photos, text, sound and/or video of the several (private and public) institutions, public spaces, shops, restaurants, cafés, and facilities existing in Minde, including a documentation of their traditional products and working methods.

The map also has a linguistic guide with Minderico expressions and vocabulary used and/or expected in the several locations, together with corresponding sound files that will be recorded during the work with language consultants. All the information in the linguistic guide is translated into Portuguese and English. This map is freely available online at CIDLeS website. On the one hand, the interaction between the guide and the map represents a new and innovative way of correlating a language with its socio-economic and cultural environment. It allows a didactic contextualization of Minderico, which makes this map an important and powerful tool for language teaching.

A first version of the map was created during the DOBES project “Minderico – An endangered lanuage in Portugal”, based on data from Open Street Map that was collected with a GPS tracker during a fieldwork stay. Later, the GPS data of the photos was extracted to display the photos on the map. For each photo an audio file was recorded, with a description of the photo’s content in Minderico. Everything was connected using the Open Layers JavaScript library. During fieldwork another software to add metadata to photos (EXIF and IPTC) and control GPS metadata information was developed, called “FotoTagger”.

The second version of “Interactive map of Minde” was developed with the support of PRODER and the Gesellschaft für bedrohte Sprachen.

Open the map and discover Minde and Minderico here http://map.cidles.eu/