Language Documentation at Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro

(Photo by Eduardo Vicente – 1st week)

The 1er Taller de Documentación Comunitaria de Lenguas Indígenas organized by Luz María Lepe Lira and Pedro Cardona Fuentes took place at Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro (Mexico) between June 1st and 13th.

During the first week, the participants got acquainted with language documentation, its methods and goals. Data collection and processing, metadata, arquiving and ethics were some of the main topics discussed in the first week led by Vera Ferreira and Eduardo Velazquez, who coordinated the practical sessions.

(Photo by Eduardo Vicente – 2nd week)

Using the documentation work carried out during the first week, in the second week Inge Regalsky and Pedro Cardona concentrated on the development of teaching materials for indigeneous communities.

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