Documentation and Analysis of Multimodal Data

On April 24th and April 25th 2015 CIDLeS organized an international workshop on “Documentation and Analysis of Multimodal Data” (DAMD 2015) at Hotel Eurosol in Alcanena, Portugal. The workshop was led by Dr. Mandana Seyfeddinipur (SOAS, London) and attended by 20 participants from all over the world.

In the first part of the workshop we discussed issues related to the theoretical foundation of language use as a joint activity. Focusing on manual gesture, participants learnt how gesture data play an important role in understanding the fundamentally multimodal nature of language use. In the second part, participants received training in video recording, collected natural language use data of different types and learnt how to use ELAN for language and gesture annotation and analysis.

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Thank you to Mandana Seyfeddinipur and to all the participants for your ethusiasm and for making it such great workshop!

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