Minderico revitalization process shows results

The revitalization of Minderico began in 2009 in the framework of a documentation project financed by the Volkswagen Foundation. Since then there have been several initiatives to foster the revitalization process: development of teaching software and teaching materials, teachers’ training, Minderico adult classes, communication courses, course booklets, etc.

Since 2011 CIDLeS, together with Agrupamento de Escolas de Alcanena, managed to introduce Minderico at the local school as part of the contents of the discipline of Dramatic Expression (from 5th to 8th grade). Last year it was introduced at the primay school in Minde. The work developed at the local schools is essential for the success of the revitalization process. The following pictures by Maria Clara Gameiro (responsible for the local schools in Minde) show some of the results of this work at the primary school.

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