One year CLARIN project Poio API

This month we already develop since one year on the software library Poio API within the CLARIN-D curation project Poio API. Poio API is a free and open source Python library to access and analyze data from language documentation in linguistic analysis workflows. It also converts between file formats like Elan’s EAF, Toolbox files, Typecraft XML and GrAF/XML. Checkout the documentation of Poio API to learn more about how Poio API can support data management in your project!

We work in quantitative linguistics, so we like numbers :-). Here are a few around Poio API, plus credits:

  • We have 2 contributors on Github, among them our main developer António Lopes.
  • Those two committed 614 times to our code repository that now contains 137.334 lines of code and documentation.
  • We were able to finish 92 tasks tracked with the help of our internal Kanban board (thanks, Kanbanize!).
  • We already presented Poio API on not less then 4 conferences and workshops, in 4 countries on 2 contintents (we travelled around 20.000 kilometers); and one or two workshops are still coming this year.

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