CIDLeS awarded at the gala “Novos Talentos, Talentos Novos”

CIDLeS was awarded a prize in the domain of Linguistic Research and Language Documentation – Education and Culture / Intangible Heritage at the 1st Gala “Novos Talentos, Talentos Novos” that took place in Cine-Teatro São Pedro in Alcanena on the 8th of May. The Gala was promoted by the Municipality of Alcanena. The award was received by Vera Ferreira (president of CIDLeS) and Rita Pedro (responsible for the Language Revitalization Group).  Two speakers of Minderico (Celeste Moura and Fátima Capela) who attend the Minderico conversation classes at CIDLeS also performed a small dialogue in Minderico at the Gala.

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