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Minderico has become a language that different generations throughout the time have used as a way of communication. People from different ages talked with each other in Minderico proving that the language is not spoken only for commercial transactions as it was in the past. Members of the local community do not feel ashame when they express themselves in Minderico and that represents a first and important step in the process of revitalization and documentation of this endangerous language. Above all, this is a question of identity for the locals and reinforces their sense of belonging. Here are some examples of dialogues in Minderico in two different periods: in the 1950’s and nowadays.

Recreation of a scene in Minderico in the 1950’s

Neighbors talk about the life in the village: their family problems, religious issues and even the people who might get married soon. Click on the image or link to run the video.


Minderico in present day

In a bar, one group of friends discuss the daily problems and the role of CAORG in Minde: this school of music and art is celebrating his 25th anniversary. Click on the image or link to run the video.


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